Monday, December 27, 2010

A Toast to Us All for 2011!

As 2010 is coming to a close, I reflect on what I have accomplished, raise my glass to you my followers, and express hopes fort 2011:

Reflection:  A little over five months ago I blogged my first blog, "Letting Go of the Ledge and Freeing the Wall."  In July 2010 I felt like a techno -dinosaur, knowing what I wanted to say and write about, but not having the confidence in blogging. I wondered if anyone would find and read my posts, and hoped to somehow make them as interactive as possible.  I have since July, written 18 more blog posts discussing creativity, writing and spelling issues, reading aloud, departing traditional texts, the state of education and what makes a teacher great (to name a few). But what sticks out most for me is all of you - truly.  I cannot thank you all enough for your supportive comments, for your continuous visits, and for your requests for ideas and suggested blog posts.  THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

My Hopes for 2011:
  • I look forward to growing more followers;
  • I look forward to more questions / ideas / and suggestions both for blog topics as well as discussion comments, remarks and ideas - PLEASE KEEP SENDING THEM!!!!;
  • I hope to have one of my two book ideas come to fruition.  I am writing one book on creative parenting ideas, and one book for adults discussing the 'whys' 'how's and 'whats' of kids graphic novels;
  • I look forward to another year successfully teaching online courses for Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth;
  • Most of all, I look forward to year of good health, happiness and success for myself, my family, friends - for us all.
One Closing Scene to be Thankful For:
One of my daughters is a college senior double majoring in physics and math.  While uncertain about the paths to follow or forge, she was just offered a wonderful job for next year, and while that alone is something to be grateful for, what really made me grateful was the way we all found out.  As I was walking another daughter to the front door, we found a large heavy envelop from the firm my daughter just interviewed with.  We thought it might be good news so we all brought her this envelope, gathered around her as she opened it, and were all there with her to share the wonderful news and excitement.  She was SO happy!

My toast to you for this coming year: I wish that you all have the same good fortune, not just to receive wonderful news, but to receive and share it with those you love the most! May 2011 bring us all a year of good health, success, good family time. and much love!

Thank you again for all your support, I look forward to an even better 2011.


  1. Thank you - I wish you and your family all the best for 2011.

  2. And good wishes to you and your family.

  3. Meryl, A wonderful post! Wishing you all the very best to you and your success this coming year. May we both have more followers over the next months and success in helping make the world a better place through our writing talent and our teaching. Thanks for the time and talent you offer through your blog.