Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just for fun... here are some interesting and fun infographics to explore. Note that they are not necessarily in order of "fun-ness."  In fact, my favorite ones are at the bottom. I had to put them there because they were just too big and didn't fit up on top.  So if impatient, scroll down, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

The first infographic (sponsored by is all about handwriting and fun to go through, but ONLY for those not too self-conscious about their handwriting. Also know that it should be taken lightly as the information here is certainly not complete.  To get a closer look here is the link: (sponsored by the National Pen Company). How accurate did you think it reflects your handwriting and personality?

Here come the fun infographics. This first one is from

Which superhero are you? Me, while not anywhere near an Avenger, I like to think of myself as the template for Mrs. Incredible...What about you?

Before closing, and still speaking of superheores, here is one more infographic, my favorite. It is, at least for me, pure fun. The link can be found at

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  1. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, a fun post.

  2. Interesting Meryl! It's a pity that my handwriting is so terrible.I really don't know in which group I belong.My superhero is: Nelson Mandela or Gandhi or Martin Luther King.All together your post is very interesting. Thank you!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  3. Fascinating Meryl.
    I think my handwritting is pretty much right down the middle, though I don't write as much now that the computer is so handy.
    Sure is a difference in the Batman economy then and now.

  4. There is at least a modicum of backlash against some schools bailing on cursive, because we don't NEED it because ewe ALWAYS have a keyboard. (And what about when the power goes out in the Long Emergency?) My, am I a Luddite or what? Meryl, you suggested,, in reference to a prior question, that computers might be available, but I remain unsure that burdening school districtys with the cost and upkeep of computers (especially poor, urban ones) is necessarily the way to go. But we probably will anyway...

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. While on a cruise, I attended a few seminars on handwriting analysis and found it fascinating. At the end, we all gave a sample of our own handwriting and had it read for our personalities, characteristics, etc. Turned out I love writing and am very good at it. Amazing, huh?

    abcw team

  6. I believe the French are keen on graphology and use it for job applications. Its a fascinating art.
    Joy - ABC Team

  7. Hand writing analysis is very interesting, Mine has a few variables, luckily no indicators of health, it has deteriorated some what, mostly from being busy and always using the keyboard. Every now and then I make myself do a penmanship lesson, just so I can read it myself :)
    Batman's expenses maybe more, but his corporations are probably also netting 100 times the salary in 2013 as opposed to 10 times the salary of the average Gotham City citizen in 1939. Happy WW

  8. My handwriting says I may be out of touch with reality but I think that it is more likely due to a 4th grade teacher who liked to swat hands with a ruler during cursive practice. On the upside I love to write and have worked as a newspaper journalist where I found out most of my colleagues also had the handwriting of serial killers.
    I choose Nick Fury because he is the boss of all the Avengers and more!

    Bats may need to take a loan out from Tony Stark for all that gear!

    Fun post, thanks!

  9. I don't put dots on my 'i's. I was never aware of it until someone told me ;o)