Sunday, October 20, 2013

Overview: The History of Music Media Infographic

While exploring infographics and promoting verbal and visual literacies - this week I share with you  an overview of the  history of how we listen to music - from vinyl to bitstream. 

Selling music first became possible in 1877 with the introduction of the phonograph cylinder. In only the last few years media formats and technology have radically changed, changing the format and ways we listen to and purchase  music. In the course of 100+ years, we've gone from vinyl, to  8-track tapes, to cassette  to streamed music.

I'm curious - where do you music and music media will go next? (Please leave your ideas and opinions in the comments below.)

Let's take a look compliments of (and if you have trouble reading this, scroll down - I posted in a larger format below - or go to

The History of Music Media infographic

Here is a larger, clearer version. Unfortunately, my blog side bars hid the entire left column above, which are now unobstructed.  Sorry for the inconveniene, hope you enjoy:

The history of music media

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  1. You will be SHOCKED to know that I love this stuff! Vinyl STILL lives!

  2. I'm with Roger, I love vinyl. The chart is very neat--been through all those decades.