Sunday, November 24, 2013

Timeline of the Top Schoolyard Toys Through the Generations

For's a time line of "Schoolyard Sensations" and I have to tell you...I FEEL OLD. That said, it does bring a warm fuzzy feeling, reliving fond memories of childhood, and early mother-hood (running frantically for beanie babies and tamagochi toys for my kids - they were great "incentives").

I must admit, though, that this does leave me with a few questions (listed below).  If you know the answers, leave them in the comments below:
  • What are "top trumps?"
  • I KNOW yo-yo's were around a lot longer than 1996...not sure why it is listed as a school yard sensation from 1996-2000...
  • I must be really old because I don't know anything (yet) about furby, finger boards, or beyblades.
  • Do your kids play with these or do they have other 'schoolyard favorites'?
Teaching Suggestions For teachers reading and and following this blog, here are some teaching suggestions:
  • Create/Write stories around toys they do or don't know;
  • Research the popularity of the toys, the manufacturers and the marketing ads that were created around them.
  • Brainstorm, write and market future schoolyard sensations.
  • Talk about visual literacy and analyze the design of the inforgarphic or create some of your own.
As always, thank you for your visit.
Please fill in my culture gap... 
...and enjoy this infographic "A Timeline of Schoolyard Sensations" developed by  and and found at

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  1. Meryl, I'm right there with you.
    My Grandkids are all in Jr. high through college so the Christmas gifts aren't in the same realm as those listed.
    I haven't a clue what some of those things really are.
    Being from the Dark Ages gives me some excuse....(:0)

  2. The Duncan yo-yo site has the yo-yo invented by 500 BC!

  3. I'm not familiar with "bigheads," "snakes," or "beyblades." Maybe they were big in the USA, but not Canada.

    abcw team

  4. Great post. Trolls, yo-yo and slinky were my favorite toys. I was born in 1957.

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