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Fun For Trekkies: Quiz, Links and Infographics Galore

On Sept. 8, 1966,  “Star Trek” television show was born. It lasted only three seasons, but has left a lasting legacy in its wake with a slew of spin-off television shows, cartoons, movies, books, science and technology, and more. Aside from the entertainment aspects, Star Trek inspired the handheld cell phone and according to wikipedia, Michael Jones, Chief Technologist for Google Earth cited the tricorder's mapping capability as one inspiration in the development of Keyhole/Google Earth.

A pilot episode starring Jeffrey Hunter  as Enterprise Captain Christopher Pike was rejected by the NBC TV network. However, wanting to still roll with the concept they commissioned a second pilot, "Where No Man has Gone Before" with William Shatner in the starring role of Captain James T. Kirk. Leonard Nimoy was featured as the alien officer Spock. While the first few shows received high ratings, they began to drop and NBC threatened to cancel the show during its second season. After a strong fan-base reaction, they continued the show for one more season.

Reruns began in the fall of 1969 and by the late 1970's the series aired in over 150 domestic and 60 international markets.The first Star Trek convention took place January 21-23 in New york City and the franchised was revived.

Here's a history of Star Trek Productionsj (from:


Star Trek's impact can be found throughout our modern culture.  NASA's first space shuttle orbiter was named Enterprise, and the flip phone design comes from the Star Trek Communicator, and it has been noted for its progressive civil rights stances (from its multiracial casts to televisions first inter-racial kiss).


The Evolution of Star Trek by Karl Tate, from
Infographic: Timeline of the Star Trek phenomenon on TV and in movies

Another infographic - The Star Trek infographic designed by Natalya Platonova was originally designed in Russian for This infographic is a visual overview of some quirky statistics from the complete original series (three seasons). Here is an English translation of her infographic (found at

And another with Fifteen Things You Didn't Know About STAR TREK designed and illustrated by Ricky Linn (and found at

star trek infographic

 For the fashion focused, here's an infographic of Star Trek Uniforms (found at


 Finally, here is cute infographicquiz:  Trek Yourself Out: Which Star Trek Character are you Most Like? from Citrix Online and found at:

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  1. GALORE! You ain't kidding!

  2. I've never been a great fan, but I do know it's a very popular genre.

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  3. What a great post - I thought Star Trek was great when it first played but must confess to not being a Trekkie.

  4. Great graphics! I've been a Trekkie since I was 10. A year later, my parents took me to a Star Trek convention and it was pretty amazing.