Sunday, October 12, 2014

New York Comic Convention 2014

This past week, New York City hosted the New York Comic Convention (NYCC) and it was quite a show.  IF you missed it, here are some nifty facts and highlights:

  • The crowds this year at NYCC (which began in 2006) surpassed those of San Diego Comic Con for the first time. What used to be the second largest pop culture convention now vies with  San Diego as largest. In 2013, over 130,000 people attended NYCC, about the same number as San Diego Comic Con.  This year over 150,000 people attended NYCC.
  • It cost an estimated $20 million to put on the 2014 show.
  • This year 14,000 new jobs were created at the Javits Center where NYCC was held.
  • The estimated economic impact of NYCC on New York City is an estimated $70-80 million.
  • The average ticket price for NYCC was $50 (there were day passes, weekend passes, VIP, Press and Professional passes - all at different prices).
  • NYCC 2014 had 900 exhibitors contained within 200,000 square feet of showroom.
  • NYCC 2014 hosted 2000 speakers and presenters.
  • NYCC had 27 major film and television studios exhibiting this year.
For additional video links and information, please see:

mr freeze nycc 2014
Mister Freeze and Poison Ivy (Image found at Business Insider)
Alyssa King poses as Harlequin. Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images (Image found at Business Insider)
(Image found at Business Insider)

(Image found at Business Insider)
(Image found at Business Insider)
(Image found at Business Insider)
(Image found at Business Insider)
Doctor Who favorites (Image found at Business Insider)
Venom - Briana Torres
Briana Torres as Venom from "Spider-Man" (Image from

(Image found at Business Insider)
Our favorite Power Rangers (Image found at Business Insider)
Spaceballs 'Heroes" (Image found at Business Insider)
(Image found at Business Insider)
(Image found at Business Insider)
Frank (from Donnie Darko) - Julio Atehortua
Julio Atehortua as Frank from "Donnie Darko" (Image from
Superman vs Lex Luthor (Image from
Meet McThor, winner of the most creative Friday cosplay (Image found at Business Insider)
"Super Saiyan Deadpool - a Dragon Ball Z and Spider-Man comics hybrid (Image found at Business Insider)
For even more cosplay images please go to:

Transformer meets Chevy's Camaro....(Image found at Business Insider)
Robotics startup Megabots Inc. brought the beginnings of a 15-foot tall, 15,000-pound humanoid robot capable of firing paint-filled projectiles at speeds of 120 mph or more. (Found at Business Insider)
The dragon, Smaug from "The Hobbit" franchise - with eyes that glowed and blinked. (Found at Business Insider)
Artist C J Draden (and others) started with a plain piece of glass, painted it white, and then used an X-Acto knife to etch out a portrait of Groot. (Found at Business Insider)
Special-effects company, Smooth-On, exhibited its foam movie props. (Found at Business Insider)
While I find this image somewhat frightening, Skylanders booth invited young (and not so young) gamers to try their fourth installment of "Trap Team" which hit the shelves October 2nd. (Found at Business Insider)
Dreamworks and Oculus Rift offered users an opportunity to strap on an Oculus virtual reality headset and enter the world of "How to Train Your Dragon 2" and fly Toothless through the clouds. (Found at Business Insider)
The Geico booth offered the lucky ones karaoke, virtual pinball and this 3-D imaging  photo studio, using technology from PictureU. Eight cameras took simultaneous shots to produce a panoramic image of the subjects as superheros fighting against a New York City backdrop. (Found at Business Insider)
Here's an example. The images were then emailed to the subjects along with Geico advertisements. (Found at Business Insider)

 For even more exhibit images please go to

And, in case you missed my panel...
 "Super Girls: Using Comics to Engage Female Students in the Classroom" with Josh Elder, Eric Kallenborn, Michael Gianfrancesco, and Ronnell Whitaker - HERE'S A SYNOPSIS:

And if THAT isn't educational enough for you, here's a blog post on 150 Things We Learned at New York Comic Con 2014  posted on October 13, 2014 by Rich Johnston.

For those thinking of next year, another comic con or even Halloween, here are some infographics on which superhero is "you."
Infographic created by and found at

Superheroes and Superpowers
"Superheroes and Superpowers" published by Content Gladiator and found at

And, if you still want more, here's a link to 20 "Super Infographics About Superheroes" Finally, for those thinking of next year, another comic con or even Halloween, here are some infographics on which superhero is "you."

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  1. Michael Byrnes as Superman Vs Jamal Johns as Lex Luthor from MTV's NYCC 2014 lineup. :D

  2. How colourful are all those fancy clothes! Lots of those disguised persons are familiar here in my country. Thanks for finding all those pictures!
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  3. Very cool. I'm hoping to go to a Comicon Convention in November.

  4. Wonderful post, I love all the costumes. Son and I are attending Tulsa's Comicon in November. I'm looking forward to it and taking my camera.

  5. Must be a really run event to attend. Makes me think of Big Bang and all their visits to comic book stores and costumes. - Margy

  6. I haven't been to comicon, I'm not a huge 'crowds' lover! But I like seeing the pictures after!

    Happy Wordless (or not so Wordless) Wednesday! Here is mine this week:

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

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