Friday, November 28, 2014

Unveiling a New Shopping Experience

My daughter works for a start-up company that's been in the news a lot:  I thought I'd post about it to:
  •  help my daughter's fledgling company; and 
  • to get your feedback.  
From what I know and can tell - its founders are using a business plan much like Costco's to compete with Amazon - a former partner of Jet's founders. Before their official launch - they're offering insider incentives.

Special Limited Offer: Become a Jet Insider
So far, Jet has been fairly secretive about their plans and options.  BUT, as a family member of an employee, I'm a "Jet Insider" and I thought I'd let you in on how if you can be too.  As an insider we get:
  • 6 months with an option for 12 months free membership;
  • A chance to win company options:
  •  And opportunities to gain other as-yet unnamed perks.  
Like Costco, will have a membership fee which will open opportunities for you to buy products for incredibly competitive prices.  If you'd like the free membership and other perks, here's a link to become a Jet Insider: #sharesforshares The more people/avenues you share Jet's launch, the more you can win.


Jet is an e-commerce marketplace launching in early 2015. Its founders have successfully launched other start-ups and have gotten some very serious backing for Jet.  

Jet was founded by Marc Lore, founder of and other Quidsi sites. Learn more about the company on Marc's blog.

"Mr. Lore sold Quidsi, a collection of e-commerce sites most known for its vertical, to Amazon in 2010 for a reported sum of $545 million. Since the sale, he and his partners—one of whom was Vinit Bharara, brother of United States Attorney Preet Bharara—have been running Quidsi under the Amazon banner seeing how the e-commerce juggernaut works from behind the curtain. That mix of experience is apparently catnip to investors."

Jet raised a Series A round in 2014 from a number of trusted investors. In a round led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Accel Partners, Bain Capital Ventures and MentorTech Ventures, we raised $55M of funding. We secured an additional $20M of growth capital from Western Technology Investments (WTI) and a $5M asset-backed facility from Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) to bring our Series A round to a total of $80M. Read more about our Series A round here.
Mark Lore, Chief Executive,

As reported in The Wall Street Journal,
"According to a description on New Enterprise Associates’ website, Jet will have a membership component and offer “lower prices than any other online retailer.”
What's Your Opinion
So I'm curious - what do you think?  Do you think an e-commerce company can succeed with a Costco-like business plan - where you pay an annual membership fee for specific products at the 'lowest prices'?  Would you buy bulk online the way you would at Costco? That's what they're betting.

So stay tuned, I'll let you know more as I find out  In the meantime, if you think this is worth watching, go to #sharesforshares to become an Insider yourself and start earning perks.

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